Bruce    Welcome!!
Fine Art, Custom Photography as I See It!

Where Have We Been Heading Lately?
By visiting with me today, I do hope you'll find a
pleasant image or two that will be a thoughtful point
for "smelling the roses" in this strange land of ours..

My art is all spontaneous, inspired only by that
moment and whether we should think twice about it or
let it go by unsaid. I try to keep a camera around
almost all the time to be prepared!

Fine Art is Where You Find It!

This is all photography.
It's visualizing a fixed image (having used film for
many years), then progressively more sojourns into
digital sensors, of course. We  then carefully scan,
size and adjust the image, and print to appropriate
paper or other media. This is done with truly the
utmost care, why not?
Symmetry and Even Karma:
Photo Expo for the Thoughtful!
 So enjoy your stay here and let me know what you think:    
( is where I'll be hanging out!